Individual therapy is about YOU; your concerns, your goals, and I am there to assist you with overcoming your challenges. I will work with you to assess your current difficulties, as well as, your strengths and resources. Together we will establish your therapy goals and achieve the life you deserve. A variety of therapy tools will be used to help you reach your optimal emotional, relational, and psychological well-being. 


     Anxiety                                 Performance Enhancement                  Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

     Depression                            Family Conflict and Violence                Chronic Illness

     Self Esteem                           Negative Thinking                              Childhood Abuse

     Communication Skills              Grief and Loss                                   Guilt and Shame

     Assertiveness Training            Stress Management                            

     Trauma                                 Life Transitions


I have specialized and advanced training in the area of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I have extensive experience working both in groups and individually with individuals who have experienced trauma from MVA, war, natural disasters, and interpersonal trauma stemming from adverse childhood experience into adulthood. I provide individual therapy in-person and via web counselling. I work with men and women ages 16 +.
















I have attended specialized training for working with interpersonal trauma, in specific, working with male survivors of sexual abuse. Men can experience anger, shame, sexual dysregulation, depression, and denial. Coping strategies of sex, drugs, alcohol, and rage are common ways of surviving. However, the creative and inventive ways in which we survive childhood trauma can begin to interfere with the life that we want for ourselves. The coping strategies can then becomes our distress.


Abuse happens to 1 out of 6 boys.


Things for a Male Survivor to remember are:

  • you are not alone

  • you are not to blame

  • your reactions to the abuse are normal

  • coping skills whether healthy or unhealthy are there to help keep you alive

  • healing is possible

  • many men benefit from counselling and/or joining a support group for male survivors



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I am an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and am also a  consultant in training. I am passionate about the use of EMDR therapy. I have witnessed clients make significant changes in their ability to manage past traumatic events. This mode of therapy is promoted with clients when there is a trauma history and is a highly effective approach to healing.


EMDR Therapy is a powerful therapy method  developed in the 1980's by Francine Shapiro.